HydraProbes, reliable soil insight

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What can it measure? The big three in soil science:
moisture, salinity (bulk EC) and temperature

Why should you buy?

Are you looking for a rugged soil moisture and salinity sensor for long term monitoring?

  • Continuous accuracy without calibration.
  • Accurate across different locations, soil types, moisture range and seasons
  • 5 year warranty and fully potted components
  • Compatible with any SDI-12 capable data logger - no setup required

Do you want to measure

  • Soil moisture and temperature only? Choose HydraProbe Standard (art. no.: 142801, 142802, 124803)
  • Soil moisture, salinity and temperature? Go for HydraProbe Pro (art. no.: 142811, 142812, 142813)

The science behind

  • Ratiometric Coaxial Impedance Dielectric Reflectometry
  • Measure the energy storage (real dielectric permittivity) and the energy losses (imaginary dielectric permittivity) separately
  • Rigorously peer reviewed by American Geophysical Union, Vadose Zone Journal and The Journal of Soil Science Society of America

How do you want to read out the data?

  • Read out the data in the field via HydraGo app? Choose HydraGo (art.no.: 142820)
  • Log the data in field? HydraProbe can be connected to any SDI-12 data logger.
  • Access your data through email or our web portal (via telemetry)?
    Our GDT Prime Plus GPRS modem with Eijkelkamp SIM (art. no.: 113403ES) can send the data from HydraProbe sensors directly to your email or web portal.


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